Condition Guide

We try our best to grade our Pops accurately so you know what to expect your Pop and its box to look like.

This is a general guide as to what each grade will look like and the damage we look for:

5 - The box may be crushed in one or two spots, have very heavy shelf wear, a heavy tear/cut, have moderate to heavy window damage, have a tear, multiple creases, and/or have have crushed corners.

6 - The box may show heavy shelf wear, have multiple dinged or crushed corners, have window damage, minor scuffing, have multiple creases or a very minor tear/cut.

7 - The box may exhibit light to moderate shelf wear, one minor crease, one or two dinged corners, heavy scratch or very minor window damage.

8 - The box will be very presentable and will show very little wear. Allowable damage for an 8 is one or two of the following: very minor shelf wear, one lightly dinged corner, one very light crease in a non-noticeable area, small scratch (from box-cutter or otherwise), or very light scuffing on the window or box.

9 - A Pop that is nearly perfect. A 9 will only show very little shelf wear only upon close inspection.

The following are things we do not take into account when grading our Pops- blemishes in the paint job, retailer price stickers, and missing exclusive stickers (but it will be mentioned in the description if one is missing).

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